WATCH: Jonny McGovern's New Single 'Texting on the Dance Floor'

By: Joe Thompson

This morning Jonny "Gay Pimp" McGovern released the video his new single #TOTDF, which stands for "Texting on the Dance Floor." This release follows McGovern's queer club hits “Dickmatized” and “Sexy Nerd,” all of which can be found on his new album The Gayest of All Time—available now on iTunes.

McGovern's music is known for being sexy, fun, funny and with a kickin' beat. #TOTDF is being billed as a funny commentary on the times we gays live in, where cruising at a club is more about looking at your phone than the guys moving next to you. No surprise, McGovern came up with the concept while on a dance floor. “Looking around, I saw all these guys rockin’ to the music while texting on their phones!" he says in a press release. "It made me think how people will gather in big groups but spend time on their phones reading a blog, checkin’ out their Grindr, tweeting and tagging people they are with on Facebook. #TOTDF celebrates all that and also mocks the insanity of it.”

Never fear, there's plenty of McGovern's signature eye candy in this video, and it will get you going in more ways than one. McGovern co-wrote #TOTDF with producer Markaholic; Billy Butler directed the music video. Check it.