Cheyenne Jackson Debuts 'DRIVE'

By: Jase Peeples

Cheyenne Jackson became a Broadway favorite with his sultry stage presence in shows like Xanadu, Finian's Rainbow, and Thoroughly Modern Millie. His handsome face has also graced our television screens with unforgettable appearances in episodes of 30 Rock and Glee.  

Now reports that the sexy star is getting ready to release a summer EP and he’s revving our engines with the debut of his first single “DRIVE.”

For the singer's first music video, Jackson went for a conceptual animated short-film when he collaborated with Austrian filmmaker Christian Hörlesberger. The video—comprised of approximately 500 handdrawn cells, which were drawn, photographed, and rendered in a painstaking process—took four months to complete, according to Jackson. The EP was co-written with Sia Furler, Stevie Aiello, and Charlotte Sometimes, and the first two singles were produced by Thomas "Tawgs" Salter.

"DRIVE" is the first single from Cheyenne Jackson's upcoming July EP DRIVEand is available for download on iTunes and Amazon.

Watch the complete video for "DRIVE" below.