Adam Lambert: 'I'm absolutely out of my mind'

By: Michael Matson

Adam Lambert decribes the song "Cuckoo," from his sophomore album Trespassing, as a light-hearted revelation about how he's "absolutely of out my mind" in this video interview with Google Play that was released Tuesday.

The flamboyant singer says the song is about "owning your faults and insecurities," and pokes fun at how being in the public eye pushes one "to the brink—in the best way possible." Lambert also jokes about making the straight-jacket fashionable in 2012. But he does gets serious about LGBT equality, specifically in the song "Outlaws of Love."

Lambert wrote the song "from the perspective of the sadness" he feels when looking at the adversity that the gay & lesbian community faces. But adds the song is also about any sort of adversity.

"It was about being persecuted or outlawed for who you choose to love," Lambert explains. "Which could be Romeo & Juliet. That's a perfect example of a song that is very specific in my mind, but can apply to so many different other situations."

Watch the complete interview below.