Paris Hilton is no DJ

By: Jase Peeples

We're pretty sure the Mayans predicted this.

Paris Hilton’s first public appearance behind the turntables was very entertaining – just not the way she hoped it would be.

The celebutant has been hyping her reinvention as DJ for a while now, but she may want to stick to reality television after bombing in Brazil.

Here are the deets from

"We all knew the DJ tour was on the cards. Now it's finally happened. Paris Hilton has made her DJ debut. We use the term 'DJ' loosely, as she doesn't actually seem to be doing any mixing. And she had on hand help to fix the mixer whenever Paris touched something, evening out the levels and the EQ’s.

Ms. Hilton took to the controls at the Pop Music Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil, unleashing a torrent of commercial dance bangers. She appeared in a typically raunchy outfit topped off with diamond encrusted headphones.

Video footage (see below) shows her doing a lot of pouting, some dodgy faux-sexy dance moves and a bit of EQing on the mixer. The best bit? When she introduces her new track with Afrojack, 'Last Night', but then accidentally plays Rihanna, and tries to sing her track over the top."

Apparently Paris needs help with more than parking her car. (Who knew?)

Watch the mess below and try not to laugh too hard.