George Michael Sees the ‘White Light’

By: Jase Peeples

Openly gay pop star George Michael is celebrating the 30th anniversary of his first single (yes, it’s been that long) with the release of a new dance-infused track “White Light.”

The single is the first from the iconic singer since he was hospitalized back in November, a time Michael referred to as the “worst week of my life.”

However, now that Michael is well on the road to recovery, he has begun working on an upcoming album and is releasing the song “White Light” as a personal “thank you” to his fans for their three decades of support.

“It is miraculous in so many ways. Fate has been so kind to me, as have the millions of people that have bought records and come to see me play year after year since 1982,” Michel said on his website. “Although I know the music industry tradition on such occasions is to list the hundreds of millions of albums sold, the number of records broken and awards received over all those years, I would simply like to say thank you.”

Give it a listen and see if George’s latest effort wakes you up, or makes you want to go go.