WATCH: Kylie Minogue, 25 Years of “Locomotion”

By: Joe Thompson

Kylie Minogue has been making the rounds lately!

First her The Best of Kylie Minogue album came out, and that saw her popping up in the press. Then she released her new single “Timebomb” and the gays lost their minds. And then she started showing up on US television to promote them both. Her Watch What Happens Live appearance on Bravo saw Kylie opposite Katie Couric (Random, much?), and that was super fun. But the moment everyone talked about was her crazy Fashion Police appearance on E!. There Joan Rivers, who really seemed to adore Kylie, showed her a picture of Madonna in that Katy Perry-style majorette costume, and asked the Aussie pop star what she thought of Madonna's concert fashion.

Kylie's response? After a long pause she kept it short and sweet, simply saying: "No. Just no."

Amazing, and what's also amazing is this new video that we found via Kylie released this compilation video of "The Locomotion" in honor of K25, which celebrates her 25 years in the music industry. From 1980s-style big bangs to hunky shirtless studs in a sexy lounge act, Kylie has revamped her first hit many times. This video showcases them all, and hints at a possible new video

Check it out.