OVERLOOKED: Let Antony And The Johnsons' 'Cut The World' Haunt You With Beauty

By: Daniel Villarreal

The soaring, soulful voice of trans singer Antony Hegarty has long taken fans to new places in the heart. But their new video for their song "Cut the World" will take viewers to haunting and familiar place that is as startling as it is familiar.

To tell their tale, they've hired actor Willem Dafoe, a man who has made his career playing strange characters such as the gloriously self-loathing gay FBI agent Paul Smecker in the film Boondock Saints.

As for Hegarty, though he has always identified as gay transgender person, he considers trans identity to be more spiritual rather than purely physical or sexual—a sentiment which emerges like blood from a fresh wound in the wondrous video below.