Show Queens Everywhere Mourn Closing of Colony Music

By: Brandon Voss

Since it opened in the Times Square area in 1948, Colony Music has been the go-to place to purchase Broadway cast albums, sheet music, and piano-vocal scores. In other words, it's a show queen's best friend. In fact, the store was one of my very first stops during my first visit to New York, and I don't even sing or read music.

Unfortunately, the institution will close around Oct. 1 after 64 years in business, as Colony business partner Richard Turk told, citing "increased expenses, decreased sales" — harsh news that really should've been underscored by Bernadette Peters singing "Tell Me on a Sunday" from Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber's Song and Dance.

Turk continued, "The Colony was, and still is for many, always a place that the musician trade — theatre people going on auditions — could come in, and our savant-like sales staff would tell them what a great song would be for [a certain] type of audition. We have many — including myself — very savvy people who understand the industry and have done this all our lives. That's what the Colony's reputation always was: A place to come to talk about music. But what happened in the retail environment everywhere is the human element is gone."

The bright side? Months from now, as you're forced to search on for The Ethel Merman Disco Album, Turk will be writing a book about Colony's storied history.