OVERLOOKED: Mykki Blanco Brings Sexy Trans-Drag And Druggy Beats

By: Daniel Villarreal

Remember the name Mykki Blanco and then watch her video below because it won't be long before other performers start trying to steal her act.

Okay, now that you've done that. crank up your speakers and play this shit loud.

Blanco (24-year-old Michael David Quattlebaum Jr.) is the hottest act to come out of NYC since Lady Gaga and Scissor Sisters... except she sounds nothing like them or anything else you've ever heard.

Yeah, she drops familiar NYC hip-hop rhymes in the new video below for her song "Wavvy," but she does so dressed as a man before switching over to her female persona performing for a sexed-up queer audience in a upscale cabaret. The song bristles with an intense sexual energy that's seductive and angry, beautiful and bold, hip-hop but not the kind you're used to.

In her talk with Interview magazine, Blanco discussed the origins of her trans-drag persona as well as its effect on her sexuality:

Well, I considered myself gay for so long, and it really wasn't until I started dressing as the opposite sex pretty regularly that I began to see my gender identity shift. To be flat-out honest, it wasn't until I started sleeping with men as the opposite sex that things started to really change—when I found out men that I found attractive found me attractive as a woman!

It literally is a mindfuck to go through life as a guy, and then to dress as a woman and get cat-called on the street, get men running up to you, asking for your phone number, your e-mail address; to meet men online and have them be smokin' hot. It's like a whole entire road opened up and in a lot of ways, it made my life so much better.

The entire interview is well worth reading. She's also got makeup and seduction tips for you. Plus, if you like her sound, know that she's also working on "industrial psych-rock stuff" next.

But seriously. Dance the hell out of this song. And if you're having trouble, put on a wig and try again.