WATCH: Sherry Vine's 'Let's Have a Pee Pee' Video

By: Brandon Voss

We recently brought you a live performance of Sherry Vine’s acidic but delicious new parody of the Scissor Sisters party jam “Lets Have a Kiki,” but now there’s an official video, gurrrrrl.

Aimed and shot at the She’s Living for This star’s “Pee Pee Institute of Vine” — or the bathroom stalls at NYC’s Industry Bar — the clip features nightlife legend Michael Formika Jones, gossip columnist Michael Musto working a tambourine, and a pair of cute dancing boys in and out of rain ponchos.

If you’ve got time for a long and leisurely kiki, also check out the “Let’s Have a Kiki” Madonna mash-up, ABBA mash-up, and — remember when? — the Scissor Sisters original.