WATCH: Sherry Vine Whores Out Alicia Keys in 'Girl for Hire' Video

By: Brandon Voss

Hot like a burning sensation on the heels of her Scissor Sisters spoof, "Let's Have a Pee Pee," Sherry Vine puts a slutty spin on "Girl on Fire," the new single that Alicia Keys debuted live at the recent MTV VMAs with Nicki Minaj and Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas.

With direction by Francis Legge and music by Gomi, the new video sees the She's Living for This star working a street corner and selling her wares. In other words, she's "an escort, hooker, streetwalker, courtesan," Sherry explains to a would-be John. "Don't get it? Um, have you seen the movie Pretty Woman?"

The Keys single is brand spankin' new and has barely made a dent on the charts, so you can't call Miss Vine tardy to the kiki on this one! Put away your cash and check it out.