Norwegian Men Have Something Bigger Than American Men...

By: Daniel Villarreal

From our serving portions to our standing military, everything's bigger in America... and the rest of the world has a sort of size envy about our bigger parts—right? Am I right?

The Norwegian group Kollektivet definitely thinks that size matters. In fact, their music video about American size can't help but gawk at our larger-than-life lifestyle.

But the Norway has something larger than America will ever have—three extra vowels in their alphabet. Oh yes, and Kollektivet is ready to whip out those vowels and parade them around to make us Americans feel envious for a change.

It's a cute vid that provides a smirk.

Oh, and talking about America's large portions and military... turns out today's Americans might be too fat to serve in the army. Whoa!

Via AfterElton