Is Adele's James Bond Theme Song Our Generation's 'Goldfinger'?

By: Daniel Villarreal

Every James Bond spy movie starts off with a hot singer crooning about how Tomorrow Never Dies or You Only Live Twice or whatever the movie's title happens to be.

But among the best female vocalists who have recorded Bond themes, Shirley Bassey stands out among the best for her amazingly seductive "Goldfinger."

Now that young chanteuse Adele has earned her time in the Bond spotlight (or should we say "gun sights?"), does she outdo Bassey?

Both lyrically and stylistically, Adele's song plays like a slower, simpler version of her song "Set Fire to the Rain," with her voice building to a exhaltive and cathartic crescendo.

However, "Skyfall" is breathier and much softer, with each note sailing or falling through the clouds even as they aim higher and higher.

"Goldfinger" plays more like a live show tune, something brass-coated that you'd hear at a classy casino lounge, whereas "Skyfall" is concert and movie theater fodder. In short, the two songs are incomprable.

Sure it'll sound good on the radio—she is Adele, after all—but rather than competing with Bassey's legacy, Adele creates her own place among the celebrated Bond singers by excelling naturally in her own way.

Bond and M would be proud.