LISTEN: Discover The Beautiful Sounds In Matt Alber's 'Velvet Goldmine'

By: Daniel Villarreal

Gay singer Matt Alber has already made a name for himself among online fans with his video hits for "End of the World" and "Monarch".

But his newest web release transforms "Velvet Goldmine"—the opening song from his 2011 album Constant Crows—into a transcendent work reimagined with strings courtesy of The Cello Street Quartet.

The song is part of a larger, ongoing collaboration between the quartet and American songwriters called With Strings Attached. Together, Alber and the quartet performed new string arrangements of four of his songs and recorded the result on a special limited DVD recording.

The result delivers a song that is both haunting as it is beautiful. Performances like this have made Alber a rising star worth watching and listening to. Enjoy.

Via After Elton