WATCH: Kazaky Stays Shirtless, Loses Heels for 'Last Night' Video

By: Brandon Voss

Gay Ukrainian dance-pop quartet Kazaky is back on the scene with a sexy new video for “Last Night," the first song that the group wrote themselves. Don't ask us what the video's about — just enjoy the erotic slo-mo visuals of beautiful people getting doused in milk, throwing handfuls of sand, splashing around in bloody water, having an epic orgy in tight spaces, and pushing a big red ball.

Some fans may be scandalized to see a beautiful female lust interest. Others may be disappointed to learn that Kazaky have ditched the signature stilettos they've rocked in past videos like "Love" and Madonna's "Girl Gone Wild." Rest assured, however, that these fashion models still find very little need for shirts and pants.

Kazaky's debut album, The Hills Chronicles, will be released Oct. 22. Try to make sense of the new video below.