K. Rose Will Sleep When She's Dead

By: Scott Ragan

There's a few things you should know about 19-year-old K. Rose before watching her new video, "Sleep When I'm Dead".

* She has great hair. (Think Scary Spice meets Rae Dawn Chong.)

* She's got mad skills in choreography. K. Rose has been singing and dancing since she was a little kid, including competing in two World Hip Hop Dance Championships, and she has already worked with some the best pop music producers in the world.

* She has cleverly branded her own philosophy on life the RoseBot Rebel Movement, which is explained as an "army of youth fighting to find their purpose and place in the world as a way to achieve peace and happiness."

Now that you've been properly educated, watch K. Rose's new video below and go to kroseonline.com for more.