Men in Heels: GLAM Is Like the Poor Man's Kazaky

By: Daniel Villarreal

Below we have a music video of a group of shirtless guys in high heels striking dramatic poses to techno. Sounds a lot like the Ukranian boy band Kazaky, right?

Well, yes it does. Except that this video isn't from Kazaky. It's a video for "Troublemaker," a song from a Portugeuese Kazaky knock-off called GLAM.

GLAM has got the basic ingredients to imitate Kazaky to a T, except that their choreography isn't nearly as polished and their visuals are nowhere near as dramatic — the boys of GLAM choose to punch and karate kick their way through the gayest gang fight this side of West Side Story, whereas the Kazaky boys prefer to sling sheer fabrics over their bodies in slow motion as a guy wearing a garlic bulb for a head struts his stuff.

The two things GLAM has going for them are that they're much campier than Kazaky — from the Gaga-esque broken mirror shades to the red carpet walk in the middle of a deserted road — and that their music has a slightly more industrial feel.

If you dig "Troublemaker," check out GLAM's album on iTunes. (For Kazaky's latest, click here.)