WATCH: Tom Goss Whips Out His Clock For 'Make Believe'

By: Daniel Villarreal

Openly gay singer Tom Goss knows what his fans want... a nice long look at his naked body.

That might explain why his new video for his song Make Believe packs 80 minutes of him laying perfectly still (and perfectly nude) on a table while cartoon cutouts hold a romance in the forest of ivy springing up along his arm, torso and leg.

And it packs this nearly hour-and-a-half of nakey time with Goss into a roughly four minute video. So how did Goss manage to stay still while painter Scott G. Brooks and artist Dave Peterson tickled him with their brushes and tools?

The Edge LA asked Goss himself:

"The whole shot took 80 minutes," Goss said. "You can watch the clock throughout the entire thing."

Lip-synching to his own super-slowed recording was something of a challenge. "The song was slowed down to 60 minutes," Goss related, "and I had to practice long and hard to learn how to listen to something that slow.

"Every second in the video was 30 seconds in real time," the singer/songwriter added.

That makes his relaxed poise, and pose, all the more remarkable, especially seeing that he had to spend that entire time sans clothing...

Preparing for his close-up meant paying some extra attention to his physique, which, in the video, is in top form. "I spent a lot of time in the gym and went on a pretty intense diet for the last three weeks," Goss revealed. "Carbs were not a part of the diet," he added, with a laugh.

We love a (naked) man willing to suffer for his art.