Ke$ha Releases Controversial Music Video ‘Die Young’

By: Jase Peeples

‘Die Young’, the latest video from Ke$ha, has dropped amidst a whirlwind of controversy.

Inverted crosses, pentagrams, and symbols commonly associated with the Illuminati are generously sprinkled throughout the video.

The inclusion of these symbols has raised more than a few eyebrows and even caused some people to openly label the queen of autotune as minion of Satan himself. (Check out the comments on YouTube for a sampling.)

While the Dark Prince could not be reached to confirm whether or not Ke-dollar sign-ha has officially joined his demonic ranks, we’re fairly certain the panic-stricken masses can rest easy.

After all, rock stars have a bit of a reputation for this sort of thing when they want to make a media splash and we can’t help snickering at the self-appointed warriors of God for playing right into Ke$ha’s hands.

Watch the evil that is ‘Die Young’ below and get ready to laugh at the tame imagery that some have labeled as a sign of the apocalypse.*

*Warning: is not responsible for any demons, spirits, or armies of Satan that may invade your home as a result of watching this video.