WATCH: Hot Chip Plays the Gayest Soccer Game Ever

By: Daniel Villarreal

The awesome British electro-dance group Hot Chip has returned with a deliriously gay video for their song, "Don't Deny Your Heart" — and it's got some hot video game action that gay soccer fans and spectators alike will enjoy.

In the video, the two team captains facing off in a soccer video game stare each other down as one repeatedly scores on the other. And after the tension builds to a boiling point, it spills over into an eruption of balls (no, not testicles; actual soccer balls) and man kisses a-go-go.

Players start kissing players, fans start makinh out fans... even the commentators in the press box start mugging out. And what happens afterwards has to be seen to be believed.

If EA Sports actually made games where soccer captains could dance off against one another in an intergalactic bonus round, we'd buy the hell out of their games. Not that real-life soccer players aren't nice enough to enjoy on their own. Just sayin'.


Soccer "officially" came out as gay a few years back.