Raja's New Music Video Is Like 'Black Swan 2'

By: Daniel Villarreal

Remember Black Swan — the film where an innocent ballerina takes acid and makes out with a darker version of herself?

Yeah, well... the new video from Drag Race winner Raja (entitled "Sublime") is like that... only darker... and draggier.

The season three champ starts off donned in leather hustler gear near Marilyn Monroe's Hollywood square. As the sun rises, he smokes a cig and then wanders home to rest. But as he tries slumbers, an ominous stranger sashays into his apartment wearing black fishnets, a corset and a veil — a sensuous nightmare slowly approaching.

It's Raja dressed as a fierce dominatrix — all white teeth, black gloves, diamond earrings and severe eye shadow. She possesses the hustler like a succubus; he worships her as she caresses and seethes at her own mirrored reflection. Very hot!

These two sides of Raja wrestle it out and we eventually see him again smoking a cigarette but this time, he's bare-chested and in a corset on the fire escape... his dark side has won out. He is the man and woman, the hustler and the john, the desired and the damned.

Always one to buck convention, Raja delivers a dark dance tune to rival his earlier song "Diamond Crowned Queen." It's distorted, sensual and gives 'Black Swan' a challenge for the darkest self-make out scene. Love it.