OVERLOOKED: These Gay Heavy Metal Rockers Will Melt Your Face Off

By: Daniel Villarreal

The hip-hop and R&B world seemed amazed when accomplished singer-songwriter Frank Ocean came out of the closet earlier this year.

But as Out explains, a bunch of hard rock and heavy metal artists came out this year too:

Along with the hip-hop and R&B artists who’ve come out this year, 2012 has seen more queer musicians release hard rock and metal records than any year in recent history, to great reception by metal heads and music critics. Meanwhile, lead singers in punk and metal bands like Against Me! and Life of Agony have announced that they’re transitioning genders.

Performers thumbing their noses at hard rock’s hyper-hetero traditions include everyone from Gaahl and vocalist-guitarist Steve Brooks of the sludge-metal band Torche to drummer Daniel Pitout of grungy punks Nü Sensae and singer Jason Rivera of the metal ragers Gaytheist.

We'd never heard of any of these fellas, but Out was nice enough to put together a small slideshow with links to each band's page and a recommended track.

We've also listened to a hardcore duo called Gay Witch Abortion, but we're still trying to figure out if either of their members is actually gay. Maybe they're just witches, which would still be badass.

Below is an early track from Gaytheist. It might hurt your Coldplay-accustomed ears at first, but take a listen — it'll eventually give you the encouragement to thrash and throw shit around like you've always wanted to.