The xx's 'Last Christmas' Cover Is Perfect for Making Out, Crying

By: Daniel Villarreal

In 1984, George Michael's band Wham! gave the world a gift when the released "Last Christmas."

Finally, a song to let us ruminate on our holiday heartbreak instead of continually forcing us to smile through a season of force-fed carols and cheer.

But now, 28 years later, the brooding English band The xx has given the song a down-tempo tweak that transforms "Last Christmas" into the perfect tune for making out or gently crying into your pillow... or both, if you're into emotionally manipulative sex — and let's face it, who isn't?

What better way to celebrate and incriminate your winter-time lover than to fool around while playing a popular breakup song?

And the song also makes great background music for your Christmas Kiki, when all that you and your friends want for Christmas is for the New Year to begin... and to numb yourself with non-stop candy cane cocktails.

Anyway, take a listen to the tune below. It'll make you feel cool, if not a tinge nostalgic for when George Michael used to dress up in santa suits and ride his band members like reindeer.