Check Out Kento, the Hot Protege of Gay Electro-popper Frankmusik

By: Daniel Villarreal

British electro-pop artist Frankmusik is gay, but we can't definitely say the same about his up and coming protege Kentö.

However, after listening to Kentö's powerful voice in his debut single "Complicated" (below), we don't really care if he's gay or not.

His lyrics about the disappointment of unrealistic expectations in a lover could apply to a man or woman equally. And no matter which way he swings, he he's nice to look at, even with his intensely red face makeup.

Frankmusik helped produce Kentö's upcoming EP and very little else is known about Kentö, which makes him a tad mysterious (especially with that umlaut over the last letter in his name).

But if he makes it big, you can say that you heard (and saw him mostly naked) here first.