Get a Free Download from Big Dipper, the Hottest Gay Bear Rapper in the Biz

By: Brandon Voss

Raunchy rapper Big Dipper, a proud gay bear who dresses like a twinky club kid, knows how to have a good time — as evidenced by his goofy party jam "Summertime Realness." Now he's generously offering a free download of his debut EP, They Ain't Ready.

If you're not yet acquainted with the burly Chicago native, Details recently declared him a need-to-know queer hip-hop pioneer. "If someone wants to call me a bear, more power to them," he told the magazine. "I fuck bears — but I hang out with lesbians."

What are you waiting for? Download They Ain't Ready on his website and watch his latest NSFW video, "Meat Quotient," below. Spoiler alert: It's about "crotch-meat."