Let Mikky Ekko's 'Pull Me Down' Remixes Lift You Up

By: Scott Ragan

You're about to hear a lot more from Mikky Ekko now that his vocal performance on "Stay" with Rihanna is set to be a single release in the U.S.

The handsome indie pop artist from Louisiana started writing songs a few years ago for other musicians, but quickly discovered he wanted to be a performer on his own and is now enjoying a successful run in Nashville. Ekko has landed on many "best new" lists since late last year, including Spin magazine's Best New Artists in December.

"Stay" has already proven to be a huge hit overseas. Rihanna and Ekko harmonize nicely in an understated manner for what could be considered the next major stateside pop ballad. However, it's more likely that the pumped up dance mixes will be preferred by most Rihanna fans. You can watch "Stay" below, but be sure to check out Mikky Ekko's own material, particularly the excellent new track, "Pull Me Down". Remixes included!