Dido Doubleshot: 'No Freedom' and 'Let Us Move On'

By: Scott Ragan

It's easy to listen to Dido's new song "No Freedom" and equate it to the state of marriage equality; "No love without freedom, no freedom without love" chimes the main chorus of her new single from the upcoming Girl Who Got Away album. Amen, sister.

"No Freedom" feels like an instant Dido classic, rich in emotion and melody with a nice easy going pace.

Dido had stepped away from the spotlight these past few years to raise a family, and to also take her time to create what she's enthusiastically calling an "incredibly fun record". Judging by the two songs posted below, we are in complete agreement with Dido that it's sure to be both a fun and incredible song collection.

Take a nice deep breath and check out the lyric videos for both "No Freedom" and "Let Us Move On" below. We guarantee you'll feel relaxed and maybe just a bit enlightened after listening, which mostly seems to be the case after hearing any of Dido's phenomenal music.