WATCH: Sharon Needles Gets Bloody in 'This Club Is a Haunted House'

By: Daniel Villarreal

Whether she's playing a zombie for PETA or living every day like Halloween, Sharon Needles — the ghoulish season four winner of RuPaul's Drag Race — enjoys making herself a bloody mess with a message.

In the music video for her new single "This Club is a Haunted House," she bashes a beer bottle against a bulky bouncer's head so that all the fats, fems and freaks can take over the club.

We almost like the video more than season 3 winner Raja's Black Swan-esque music video, except for two things: one, almost everyone in Needles' video is white (so much for freakish diversity)...

... and two, seeing Needles and her cohorts covered in blood in a smoky dance club reminds us of the 230 Brazilian college students burned alive in a nightclub this weekend.

Scary? Absolutely.