Here Are Your 5 New Favorite Gay Musicians

By: Daniel Villarreal

Alex Anwandter

FROM: Santiago, Chile

SOUNDS LIKE: Hot Chip with Spanish disco flair

PLAY THIS NOW: "Como Puedes Vivir Contigo Mismo"

Considering that he was born in 1983, it's no wonder that the music of Chilean born pop singer Alex Anwandter has a distinctly 80s flair.

His dance tunes — full of synthy beats and melancholy vocals — make the perfect pre-party tunes for a night of Nu-Retro fun.

But as he has become more popular abroad, he has also become an icon for gay rights in his home country, especially with the mid-2012 video release of his second album's single "Cómo Puedes Vivir Contigo?" (How Can You Live With Yourself?), in which Anwandter and other Santiago queers and gender-fuckers werque their looks on the runway Paris is Burning ballroom style.

In an interview with Latino USA, Anwandter said, "The first song of the album… it was about someone telling me how to live my life and me not agreeing with it. But eventually I realized that it could be interpreted as a stance against discrimination from the Catholic Church, for instance, telling people who they can love or who they can marry. I'm very much for people being themselves and that being okay."

He continued, "The video it's about sexual minorities and ethnic minorities expressing themselves and just being themselves. In Chile, we are very behind that type of civil liberties, civil rights and there's an atmosphere of severe discrimination against sexual minorities. A (queer) kid was tortured and killed back in March. And I felt like Chile needed seeing queer images or diversity in mainstream media. So, that video was my personal effort to present that type of images in a positive light."

The song's lyrics say, "I have not put a costume / I have no fear of judgment / How can I not feel like a star in the light of the presence of others / being just what I am is what I understand that is real / And though they say it's bad / I feel like I'm in heaven."

In January of 2013, Anwandter performed at Viña del Mar's VINEYARD 2013: SUMMER + CULTURE festival.