Here Are Your 5 New Favorite Gay Musicians

By: Daniel Villarreal

Foxy Shazam

FROM: Cincinnati, Ohio

SOUNDS LIKE: The Darkness, except sexier


Let's be clear right from the start — even though Foxy Shazam's lead singer Eric Nally radiates a definite Mick Jagger meets Freddy Mercury vibe, he is NOT gay.

However, his insane glam rock persona has such verve, swerve and pelvis in it, that we simply had to include his band in our list of gay musicians.

Because, don't forget, "gay" also means happy — and Foxy Shazam gets downright delirious in their theatric stage performances. Throughout the show, Nally charms the mic stand with his feet, knocking it down and kicking it back up with whimsy as he vamps around stage; the keyboardist Schuyler Vaughn White picks up his keyboard — an instrument taller than him — and plays it like a guitar. Later on, White hurls the keyboard and himself into the audience so he can finish his solo while the crowd passes him around.

Admittedly, Nally and the rest of the band are much more easygoing offstage — preferring food and travel to sex and drugs. But their over-the-top live shows and music videos have one aim — to get your into the Church of Rock and then give you an amazing time. Just one show and you'll be a disciple.

Below is the video for their racy and somewhat racist pean to black ladies' asses, "I Like It."