Here Are Your 5 New Favorite Gay Musicians

By: Daniel Villarreal

Kid Congo and The Pink Monkey Birds

FROM: La Puente, California

SOUNDS LIKE: If John Waters had played in a funked-up version of The Velvet Underground

PLAY THIS NOW: "The History of French Cuisine"

Even if you've never heard of Kid Congo and The Pink Monkey Birds, it's possible that you have heard of the other bands that Kid Congo (aka Brian Tristan) used to play in, like The Cramps and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

Tristan says that he came into the punk scene during the 70's era of glitter rock and found that his gayness and Mexican American identity actually helped establish his anti-authoritarian cred among Los Angeles' underground musicians.

King Congo's music with the Pink Monkey Birds has been called "juicy jugular of soul-fired, funked-up rock’n’roll" and "seedy go-go weirdness" on par with "high art," and listening to it you'll definitely agree with the "high" part.

Their lo-fi creations come with a scuzzy, intimate feel — like you're watching the band screech them out front stage in a smoky lounge — but they're intoxicating, perfect for pouring drinks or a post-bar make out session.

While we absolutely love their 2005 song "The History of French Cuisine" (above), we decided to leave you the video for their tune "Rare as the Yeti" (below) because the tripped-out visuals and  body hair galore convey their loose yet naughty sound perfectly.-