Here Are Your 5 New Favorite Gay Musicians

By: Daniel Villarreal

Scott Matthew

FROM: Queensland, Australia

SOUNDS LIKE: The downtempo lovechild of David Bowie and Antony Hegarty

PLAY THIS NOW: "White Horse"

If you've ever seen John Cameron Mitchell's Shortbus, Cowboy Bebop: The Movie or the Ghost in the Shell anime series, then you've already heard one of Scott Matthew's minimal, melancholy gems.

The self-trained Australian musician has released an album every two years since 2005. And while his music breathes with ache and longing, they're also elegant, soulful and strangely compelling.

In an interview with Next Magazine, Matthew said, "I find it very, very easy to express emotion, and to not fear that. It’s something I’m very comfortable with, and I feel like I get power from it more than vulnerability.”

Below is one of his more upbeat songs from his 2011 album Gallantry´s Favorite Son entitled "The Wonder Of Falling In Love," but if powerful longing is your thing, give "White Horse" (above) a try.