RuPaul and Big Freedia's New Video Serves Lots of Jelly, Nuts

By: Daniel Villarreal

Screw your diet. RuPaul and her friend Big Freedia wanna see you enjoy some non-stop nuts and jelly in her new video for "Peanut Butter."

Big Freedia, if you didn't know, is America's premiere Sissy Bounce artist; Sissy Bounce being a queer musical genre purely geared towards ass-shaking, titty-bouncing, sexy grinding and little else.

Their collaborative video is chock full of nuts and jelly swining around like crazy — like, dangerously crazy. Do not try any of their moves at home without goggles and protective cup.

We haven't had this much mostly naked, sweaty, booty-shakin' fun since... well... since the last time we did (the specifics are none of your business. Suffice it to say he was a very nice gentleman — mother wouldn't have approved).