'Drag Racer' Honey Mahogany's New Video Teaches a Lesson in Stardom

By: Daniel Villarreal

It used to be that competitors in RuPaul's Drag Race would vie for a chance to be debuted in a RuPaul video and then, after winning, they'd make their own music video as a way of striking out on their own.

But that's so 2009.

These days, Drag Racers like Honey Mahogany make a video while they're still competing, like the one she made below called "It's Honey."

Heck, Honey's co-competitor Detox made a music video last year with season four's Willam before Detox even became an official Drag Racer. Now that's initiative!

So we should all thank Detox and Honey for teaching us an important lesson — don't wait for someone else to make you a star; get some makeup, some killer dresses and make yourself a star, gurl!

That way, even if you lose the Drag Race, you'll still win over the long haul.