Big Girls Don't Cry, They Get Laid in Avicii's 'I Could Be The One'

By: Scott Ragan

Imagine for a second that you could escape the winter confines of your 9 to 5 cubical farm and immediately go to a tantalizing tropical world... A place far away where even a seemingly "below average" hefty girl can score the hottest studs and have as much sexed-up, drug-crazed fun as she desires, with no remorse or competition from those skinny bitches back at the office.

That's exactly what is happening inside the mind of one particular big chick featured in this zany video for "I Could Be The One," the #1 U.K. dance track by Avicii vs. Nicky Romero, remixed by Bent Collective.

No honey, big girls don't cry. They get laid — and eat, smoke and drink all they want. Watch below as Large Marge flips off her mundane existence and goes balls to the wall on a virtual trip of island debauchery. Way to go, girlfriend. Just be sure to watch out for those speeding trucks!