Gay-Sounding Metal Groups Banned From Catholic Radio

By: Daniel Villarreal

Gaytheist may sound like a pretty sacrilegious name for a gay heavy metal band, but it's nowhere near as gnarly or overtly sexual as Scrotum Staplers, The Jackofficers or Wall of Smegma, no siree.

Mark Duffy (aka Copyranter) snagged a list of crudely named bands that are absolutely banned from mentioning on the airwaves of Seton Hall University, a Catholic college in New Jersey. You can read the list below.

We don't know if any of these bands are gay, but damn if thier names aren't sexual and intense — Barbed Wire Condom, Fullblown AIDS and Rhino Clit are among the worst (by which we mean the best).

Is it bad that we wished we knew a radio station that played only these bands?

And we love that the Seton Hall DJs are also forbidden from mentioning Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber — two agents of Satan if there ever were any. They're almost as evil as Baby Jesus Hitler.