You Need to Know Kwanza Jones

By: Brandon Voss

Did Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj have a baby when we weren't looking?

Meet Kwanza Jones, who describes herself as "a gladiator in a thong" and her spankin' new album Supercharged as "music for superheroes and divas — or those who want to be." 

Not only can Kwanza crank out a fierce club-banger, the Princeton grad and former pageant queen is also an "ambassador for equality" who supports the Trevor Project, participates in AIDS Walk L.A., and has a powerful antidiscrimination anthem called "#StopHate."

Before downloading Supercharged on iTunes, take a quick Kwanza crash course and check out her outrageous music videos for singles "Supercharged," "Time to Go," and "Think Again" below.