WATCH: Bad Boys Behind Bars in Kazaky's 'Crazy Law' Video

By: Brandon Voss

Gay Ukrainian dance-pop quartet Kazaky are fiercely committed for their latest video, "Crazy Law."

The shirt-phobic fellas stylishly slum it in some sort of prison or American Horror Story mental institution where no one seems to mind if they touch themselves. We certainly don't. Best of all, the group's signature homoeroticism and signature stilettos are back in full force — an improvement over the flats and female lust interests of their "Last Night" video.

Some online buzz suggests that "Crazy Law" may be in reference to Russia's antigay laws, but the world may never know, since most of the lyrics sound like they were just spit directly out of Google Translate:

Why am I feeling this is a crazy law
You can have many laws, even how youre born
Why am I feeling this is a crazy law
I'm not trying to show you something wrong.

Enjoy the senseless eye-candy below.