Out Country Singer Drake Jensen Says His Biggest Critics Are Gay

By: Brandon Voss

Gay country artists do exist!

Drake Jensen has just released his sophomore album, OUTlaw, which features lead single "When It Hurts Like That." As one might imagine, he's experienced some backlash since coming out last year, but perhaps not the kind you'd expect.

Interestingly, the greatest criticism I’ve gotten has been from the LGBT community rather than the straight community," Jensen says in a new interview with Advocate.com. "Don’t get me wrong, about 80% of my fans are gay men who are wonderful, but I’ve been told my music is too heterosexual and called some ridiculous names by gay people in the past. However, I think most of that comes from people who want [gay artists] to be a certain way, but I’ve got to be who I’m meant to be and who I’m comfortable being. As far as the country music scene overall though, I’m not really getting any backlash and if I am people are talking behind closed doors because I don’t hear it."

Wow, are gay men really a gay man's worst enemy? And this criticism comes after he so proudly shows off his bear claw tattoos, dedicated his “On My Way to Finding You" video to a gay teenager who committed suicide, and did a duet with Drag Race alum Willam.

"I’m really proud of who I am and I love our community," Jensen continues. "What would this world be without the LGBT community? I think we really enhance society and I think the one thing we need to learn to do better is unite and come together. Because once we learn how to love ourselves and to work with one another then we’re going to be unstoppable. I do think that’s beginning to happen now, but it’s just going to take a while."

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