Jake Shears Doesn't Want to Cross Paths with David Bowie

By: Brandon Voss

We already knew that the seemingly super-confident Scissor Sisters frontman had the same insecurities as the rest of us, but those issues of self-doubt were exacerbated back in 2004 when David Bowie attended a Scissor Sisters concert at Irving Plaza.

That should be awesome news, right? After all, Shears is a huge Bowie fan who grew up obsessed with Labyrinth and Bowie's Let's Dance album. Unfortunately, Shears felt that particular Irving Plaza show sucked. Even worse, Bowie didn't bother to come backstage afterward.

Shears relates the incident as part of Out's terrific 10 Days of Bowie series. Here's an excerpt:

And now he had seen my shitty show and left. I was inconsolable. They say never meet your idols. I guess the only thing worse than meeting your idols is not meeting them. The whole thing made me feel like a fraud.

Later that month, I received a somewhat cryptic email. “Hi. I came to your show a few weeks ago. It sounded very good from where I was sitting. Db”

I froze. What was this? As if I didn’t know he’d been there? From where “he” was sitting? As opposed to where everyone else was sitting? This just exacerbated my pain. Why did he even bother to write me an email at all? The black type on white just read to me as: “Dear Jake, though you may think yourself a rock star, you will never be me. David Bowie.”

I wish I could find my response. It took me about three weeks to compose. I made sure that even if it was a little longer, at three sentences, I kept it equally terse, saying:

Dear David Bowie,

You are my favorite artist on earth. My favorite song you’ve ever written is “Fantastic Voyage.” Thank you so much for coming to my show, but I really hope at this point that we never cross paths. There’s not a lot in this world I keep sacred, but I would rather you just stay imaginary.


Jake Shears

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