WATCH: He's Not Gay! OK, He's Hella Gay

By: Brandon Voss

So what if he grabs his buddy’s balls during tackle football and cruises muscle boys in West Hollywood? J Pee is not gay, you guys!

OK, fine — he’s so gay that he wears pink nail polish, has a degree in musical theater, and watches Zac Efron movies every Saturday. He's also ridiculously cute, which makes the comedy rap video "I'm Not Gay" immensely watchable. And just when all the silly gay stereotypes begin bordering on offensive, there's an even gayer twist involving the hot friends that J Pee loves to molest.

"Hopefully this will lighten the mood a bit in lieu of what's going on the Supreme Court," writes actor-musician Jesse Pepe, who wrote and performed the homobro ditty. Consider the mood lightened.

Check out "I'm Not Gay" below.