WATCH: Hot Cougar Bait and Slutty Male Nurses in Sexy New Hi-Fashion Video

By: Brandon Voss

When we last caught up with Jen DM and Rick Gradone of Hi-Fashion they had just released their amazing "Amazing" video featuring RuPaul's Drag Race alum Raja.

Now the queer electro-pop duo is back with a surreal and scorching video for their new single “Eighteen."

"Take it off and let's do this," Hi-Fashion sings as a frustrated older woman chops meat while drooling over the sight of her exhibitionist gardener, pool boy, hot young piece of whatever. He works out, he swims, he hoses the plants, and he even serves up sausage. Once he starts bouncing on a diving board, flopping around in his tiny shorts and tube socks, you won't be able to blame that creepy cougar for pouncing.

And if the teen wet dream isn't your thing, Jen's rocking man-drag and totally going at it with two bearded nurses on top of a sedated patient prepped for plastic surgery!

Check out the video below and feel 18 again.