WATCH: Where in the World Is Frank Ocean?

By: Brandon Voss

If you enjoyed Frank Ocean's grainy, candid Band of Outsiders Polaroids, you'll dig his stylish new video for "Lost," a standout track from his Grammy-winning Channel Orange album.

Directed by Francisco Soriano and released on the undefinable artist's Tumblr, the split-screen montage video takes Frank's fans for a spin around the globe using concert footage from his 2012 summer tour and behind-the-scenes clips from his travels to locales like Tokyo, Paris, Egypt, and Dubai. Grab your valid Passport and try to keep up.

“Now you’re lost / Lost in the heat of it all / Girl you know you’re lost / Lost in the thrill of it all,” he croons. “Miami, Amsterdam / Tokyo, Spain, lost / Los Angeles, India / Lost on a train / Lost."

Someone get this man a map! Find Frank Ocean in his "Lost" video below.