WATCH: A New Gay Anthem About Your Favorite Things

By: Brandon Voss

What to do when you get pantsed by a street kid who calls you "queer"?

Well, you could chase down the punk and give him a good scare. But if you're out performer Jake Wilson of The Battery’s Down Internet fame, you simply take Peter Pan’s advice and think wonderful thoughts.

In his silly, sexy, and surprisingly inspirational new video, "Shit I Love," Wilson focuses on all the good shit in life, from "a new episode of Nashville with Hayden and Connie" to “getting checked out at the bar by a tall Latino hottie.”

He might be too busy to sign a petition for gay rights or too self-involved to change his Facebook profile pic to a red equal sign, but he always has time for group exercise and singing out in the shower!

Check out the video below featuring Broadway belter Alysha Umphress.