LISTEN: An Electro Tribute to a Classic Gay Film

By: Brandon Voss

A month after releasing "Tilda Swinton," which honored the androgynous actress, Microfilm has shared "Taxi zum Klo," another pre-album one-off track with an odd inspiration.

The gay electro duo — partners Matthew Mercer and Matt Keppel — wrote the track "as a tribute to the obscure German art film from 1981; a paen to all-night clubbing, finding love and pleasure."

Documenting gay culture in West Berlin, Taxi zum Klo was hailed by The Village Voice as "the first masterpiece about the mainstream of male gay life." 

Oh, and the song it inspired is pretty cool too. Here are the lyrics:

Bodies bloom, strobe-lit room

Ringing ears, my dear-my dear

Taxi, taxi

Waiting for me
Endless quest, endless this
Endless list of who to kiss
Taxi, taxi

Waiting for me

Hear the song and download it for free below.