WATCH: Let Detox, Willam, and Vicky Vox Inject You with 'Silicone'

By: Brandon Voss

She's not a girl, you should have known — she's just pumped with silicone!

Vicky Vox joins RuPaul's Drag Race alums Willam and Detox on "Silicone," the trio's video follow-up to "Boy Is a Bottom." A parody set to the tune of Robyn's "Dancing on My Own," "Silicone" pays three-part-harmonied tribute to those gurls addicted to blackmarket beauty and injecting themselves until they become flotation devices.

"It's not Fix-a-flat — this shit is top-shelf," sings Detox — stepping up as the Beyonce in this drag Destiny's Child. And if you watched her on this past season of Drag Race, you know Detox is an expert on the subject.

Check out the video below.