WATCH: How Many Gays and Gay Faves Can You Fit in One Video?

By: Brandon Voss

Bonnie McKee clearly wants to find out. Good thing she's pals with celebs like Adam Lambert, Lance Bass, and George Takei.

The singer-songwriter has cowritten a bunch of #1 singles for other artists — "Teenage Dream" and "California Girls," anyone? — and has collaborated with pretty much everyone in the biz, so she called in a few favors when it came time to shoot a video for her own single “American Girl,” which sounds like old-school Katy Perry and Ke$ha.

Luckily, most of her famous friends have decent cameras on their iPhones and laptops. Hi, Macklemore in a bathtub! What's up, Kathy Griffin? Hey Joan Rivers and the Fashion Police gang.

But who's that ugly redheaded drag queen? The answer may surprise you. Or not.

Check out the video and play "Name That Celeb" below.