WATCH: This Trans Kid's a Human, Not an Alien

By: Brandon Voss

Let's get right to the point: You need to know Jillette Johnson and you've got to hear "Cameron," the lead single from the 23-year-old New Yorker's debut album, Water in a Whale.

Like the stirring song, the new video explores the struggles of a young person enduring abuse and bullying at home and at school — just because he's happiest in a dress and wig.

"Cameron’s in drag, makes his father mad," she sings. "Since he was a little boy he always felt more comfortable in lipstick. People call him fag, teachers turn their backs. Off the bus he runs and runs to get home before anyone can catch him."

"#Cameron is for anyone struggling with identity and searching for a compass," Jillette writes on Facebook. "#Cameron is for that part of all of us that wants to look in the mirror and understand what we see. Find it in the beauty of art. Find it in the freedom of music. Find it in the power of your voice. Find it in #Cameron."

She goes into greater detail on her website, revealing, “I do have someone in my life that’s transgendered and I’ve learned a lot from this person. But I think I actually wrote ‘Cameron’ more about myself and about that feeling of being alien in your own skin. It’s been really awesome to play that song around the country and meet people who share stories that may have to do with being transgendered or may have to do with feeling a little bit different.”

Check out the inspiring new video and Jillette's complete handwritten lyrics below.