WATCH: Tom Goss Likes 'Em Hot and Hairy

By: Brandon Voss

Exhausted by adorable twinks and perfectly trimmed gym bodies? No? Well, watch this anyway.

In his new video, "Bears," out singer-songwriter Tom Goss chases away his post-breakup blues on the dance floor at a local bear club and at a sexy summer “bearbeque." Slip N' Slides are for all shapes and sizes!

"What I'm searching for is deeper,” sings the Washington, DC-based musician, wearing a skimpy swimsuit in a kiddie pool. “Trim away the fur and see it all."

Before you accuse Tom of being a twink-lover just trying to make a dime off the bear community, please know that his husband of three years, Mike Briggs, is just about as big a bear as they come.

“We are overrun with images of perfect men, in perfect clothes and perfect bodies, and as a result, many people doubt their self-image," Tom says in a statement. "This video showcases what it means to be beautiful and sexy, regardless of size.”

No doubt you'll hear this jam in an upcoming episode of Where the Bears Are.

Check out the video below.