WATCH: Ooh La La! Britney's New Video Is Smurfy

By: Brandon Voss

"Ooh La La" is not a sexual euphemism!

“It doesn’t really certainly mean a certain phrase or anything, but it’s about feeling good,” Britney told Ryan Seacrest of the tune, written for the Smurfs 2 soundtrack. “Like you make me feel like ‘ooh la la’ like when a guy makes you giddy… it’s more of a feeling.” Got it.

To stress the point, Britney smurfs family friendly fakeness in her new video, in which she smurfs Smurf Village and smurfs around with Smurfette. Her adorable sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, even smurf a cameo.

It's the most, um, animated we've seen the pop star in a long time. In the words of Sean Preston and Jayden James, "Cool."

Smurf the "Ooh La La" video below.